Society of Construction Law

The Society of Construction Law Nigeria (SCLN) was founded in 2017.  It currently has a board of trustees which includes notable legal practitioners, the past president of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and the past presidents of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

The object of the Society is to promote for the public benefit, education, study and research (and publication of the useful results of such research) in the field of construction, engineering and infrastructure law and related subjects such as adjudication, arbitration and mediation in Nigeria. The Society holds regular meetings and organizes training events in construction law and related areas of interest from time to time.

Our members are lawyers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors  and others involved in capital projects in different sectors e.g. airports, roads, bridges, power stations, dams, utilities to name a few.

You are invited to become a member. One of the benefits of becoming a member is access to discussions at the training events, academic papers and case law on construction law.

SCLN is affiliated with and shares similar objects with the UK-based Society of Construction Law (SCLUK), established in 1983. There are similar societies in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Caribbean and Malaysia.